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5 Doors or More Protection Program throughout California

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If you own 5 or more rentals, you automatically qualify for instant savings up to 37% on your property insurance. At Insurance by Castle, we offer top-shelf superior coverage for all of your properties under one policy. We have multiple years of experience with this program for property owners throughout California.

Why 5 Doors or More Protection Program?

There are over 55,000 property owners in California who qualify for this program. We have established partnerships with multiple carriers who are able to provide coverage for this unique program. Whether it’s a duplex and 3 houses, or 5 single family homes, or any other configuration, we can provide you with the right package to protect your properties at competitive rates.

What you can expect from us

Our team is knowledgeable in this market and can provide you with better coverage for liability and code upgrading than most agencies. Through our long-standing relationships with the providers we work with, we are able to truly understand your needs and create a policy that is best fit for you.

Call or contact us today to learn more. To get started on a policy, request a quote.

Our Location

Insurance By Castle

Insurance By Castle

1227 Arguello Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
Main office: 650-364-3664
Toll free: 800-644-6443

Our Providers

"You did exactly what you said you would do exactly when you said you would do it. You were knowledgeable and always available to answer questions. A nice benefit was saving about 15% on my insurance policy!"
-Tom Garrett
Tom Garrett
"Best insurance company in every respect.......knowledge, service, courtesy, accountability. Always aim to please."
-Ann Miller
Ann Miller
"Always professional and courteous. Readily available for answering questions or giving guidance to refer to another place that can help if for some rare reason they aren’t able to help. They’re very personable."
-Kathleen Hahn
Kathleen Hahn
"Always great-Love you guys Can't say enough great things about Ingrid and Kelly."
-Jeremy Sowers
Jeremy Sowers
"You took your time in explaining coverage and cost. Even though I repeated some of my questions you were patient and courteous. Thanx."
-Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez
"You respond quickly to my questions on insurance and cost."
-Shawn Fitzpatrick
Shawn Fitzpatrick